Drain Tile Solutions for Eliminating Gutter Kickouts

Drain tile is a great alternative for gutter kickouts. Gutter kickouts can be dangerous because they stick out into the yard, acting as a tripping hazard. Not only is it dangerous, it’s also a nuisance to mow around and it can be an eyesore too.

What is drain tile?

A drain tile system is an ancient agricultural technique used to remove excess water from the soil and improve crop growth. Despite the name, a drain tile isn’t made of tile anymore. It was originally made of clay but is now made from plastic PVC pipe or flexible plastic pipe laid underground around the home’s foundation.

What is the purpose?

Drain tile is a good option if you live in an area with heavy rainfall. Because the system moves water away from your foundation, it will keep your basement dry and free from water damage. In some systems, the piping may run to a distant drainage pit buried underground. In other systems the piping carries the water to open ground where it can run into storm sewers or filter into the ground.

How do I install a drain tile system?

Systems can either be installed around the outside of the foundation or around the inside of the foundation, under the floor slab.

The pipe should be sloped at least ¼ inch per foot, but steeper is better. This is an effective and efficient way to keeps water far away from your foundation and basement.

When should I install?

Drain tile systems are affordable and easy to install during the early phases of home construction. Installing the system is well worth the time and money since you will be protecting your home from water damage. 

If you are looking at buying a home, it’s a good thing to inquire about. You can have peace of mind knowing your home is protected from significant flooding and water damage.

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