4 Reasons to Install Leaf Screens Today

Who enjoys climbing up a ladder to dig out soggy leaves and debris? Probably not too many people. Clogged gutters are a hassle! Don’t waste your time cleaning out your gutters – install leaf screens today!  

Gutter Guards and Leaf Screens. What’s the difference?

Guard guards and leaf screens serve the same purpose: to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters.

Both are easy to install and work well. It comes down to knowing which type of debris is most common in your area. For example, pine needles can get stuck in the holes of the leaf screen. This can be a nuisance. If you don’t have pine trees around your house or pine needles in your landscaping, then leaf screens are a great option!

Leaf screens will save you money

Although it costs money to install them, leaf screens will end up saving you money down the road because you won’t have to pay to repair damaged gutters or possibly hire someone to clean out your gutters for you. Leaf screens increase the value of your home as well!

They keep unwanted creatures away

Small critters like mice, birds, and squirrels will build a nest in your gutters if they have access. They might get curious and find a way inside your home too. Leaves and debris cause water to stay in your gutters which is a breeding ground for mosquitos. A leaf screen or gutter guard will keep these pests away from your home.  

Install leaf screens to protect your gutters

Leaf screens reduce clogging which allows the gutter to continue to do its job. If water cannot get through the gutters freely then they will rust. Additionally, leaf screens increase the longevity of your gutters.

Install leaf screens as a safety measure

Leaf screens keep you from climbing up a ladder to clean out your gutters. Ladders are dangerous and a fall could result in serious injury.

Did you know leaf screens also protect your home from fires? Twigs and pine needles that are clogged in your gutters will eventually dry out in the summer sun and turn into a perfect fire starter. Don’t let this happen!

Call Good to Go Gutters today!

It’s time to keep your gutters free of debris and take all the measures to protect your home and your family. Good to Go Gutters is an expert in seamless gutter and leaf screen installation, and we’ll treat your home as if it’s our own. Give us a call for your free estimate!