Choosing between seamless or sectional gutters can have a big impact on your gutter’s effectiveness and longevity. Good to Go Gutters only uses seamless gutters because seamless gutters require less maintenance and generally last longer than other options.  

When gutters were first introduced on the market, they were sold in sections and pieces. The sections were designed to be installed along the roof and then were easily connected with sealant. This system allowed gutters to be mass produced and then cut to fit most homes.

While you can still buy sectional gutters, there are many benefits to seamless gutters that make them a better choice.


Top seamless gutter benefits

1. A perfect fit

Seamless gutters are custom-fashioned to each home. Homeowners are guaranteed a perfect fit. If gutters fit well, they will also function well. A gutter system that is custom-fit to your home will perform the way it is meant to without issues.

2. Less maintenance

Because seamless gutters have significantly fewer joints then sectional gutters, they don’t accumulate the same amount of debris. They also attract fewer critters looking for a cozy home. This leads to less time spent maintaining and cleaning your gutter system. Adding gutter screens will reduce the number of hours you spend on your gutters annually even further.

3. Fewer clogs and backups

The joints and seams of sectional gutters make them more prone to clogs and backups. Leaves, twigs and other debris can collect in sectional gutters and create problems. When blockages become too big for water to flush them other, water can back up and cause damage to your home.

4. Fewer leaks

Any time there is a joint in a gutter, there is a possibility that it will leak. Over time joints can widen from each other. Holes can form and rust can begin to set in. With fewer joints, seamless gutters are less likely to rust and leak.

5. Visual appeal

One of the biggest benefits to seamless gutters is that they simply look better. Constructed from aluminum, they can be painted to match or complement the home’s exterior. They last for years and often never require re-painting.