We know that you have a lot of great options to choose from when building your new home, and many of you are choosing to go with Country Joe Homes, based out of Lakeville. If that’s the case, you’ve made a great choice! Country Joe Homes has a strong, decades-long reputation in the area and knows what it takes to build a home in Minnesota communities. Their current building sites are primarily in the south and east of the Twin Cities metro area.

They are currently building Minnesota neighborhoods in:

  • Lake Elmo
  • Woodbury
  • Savage
  • Eagan
  • Lakeville
  • Credit River Township
  • Victoria
  • Farmington

Good to Go Gutters

We’ve done gutters for many Country Joe homes, and we’re proud to continue to do that. Good to Go Gutters covers a lot of the same territory as Country Joe Homes, so no matter where your home is, we are happy to help! Our team specializes in gutters for new home construction, so you can be confident that we have the skill and expertise for your new home.

What many people don’t know is that in most cases, new homes do not come with gutters included. If you are building a new home, that’s a very important thing to remember! We want to help you protect your substantial new investment and home, keeping Country Joe’s craftsmanship intact.

There are a lot of details that come with building and moving into a new home. Gutters may feel low on the list of priorities, but they are very helpful in protecting your house. How do gutters help protect a new home?

Home Protection

  • A roof sheds a lot of water. Gutters strategically shed that water away from the foundation of your home, especially when the new soil around your home is settling. If water is not directed away from your home, it can cause problems with your foundation and basement. These problems are often very expensive to repair, so gutters are a great way to protect your investment and lower long-term costs.
  • Gutters draw water away from trim and siding, protecting them from water damage. Trim and siding are less expensive repairs than foundation issues but are still an expense that we would like to help you avoid. It’s great to start this early when the home is still brand new!

Our seamless gutters are a great choice to help protect your home. Beyond the protection they provide, our gutters are a great aesthetic match as well! We don’t want to clutter or degrade the look of your new Country Joe home, so we use seamless gutters in a variety of colors and finishes to help blend in with or complement the trim and facia.

No matter where you are in the process of building with Country Joe Homes, we would love to join you in putting on the finishing touches on your home. Likewise, if your home is already built but does not yet have gutters, we can help with that as well! Contact us as soon as possible for a free estimate!