Many of you know that gutters can be instrumental in protecting your basement and foundation from water damage. Without gutters, all the water collected on your roof will fall in one place – inches from your foundation. If that water pools and infiltrates the ground there, that can create water damage issues for your foundation and basement, which is a major problem!

Cinder Block Foundations and Walls

This can be especially true of homes built with cinder blocks in their basement walls. These blocks are typically stacked with a cement grout to join them together, then reinforced with steel rebar and concrete. Given that there are hundreds or thousands of joints, it gives water a much greater opportunity to infiltrate your home. Years of water near such foundation walls can erode those joints and damage your foundation or even cause flooding to lower levels of your home. Gutters like the ones we provide collect all the water from your roof and strategically redirect it away from your home and foundation walls, giving your home an added layer of protection.

Poured Concrete Foundations and Walls

Poured concrete has become the norm for foundation and basement walls in Minnesota construction. In this method, the foundations and basement walls are formed and poured as one continuous pour with steel rebar as a reinforcement throughout. Since it is one continuous pour, you have a stronger wall with no joints that can serve as a weak point for water to enter. This does not mean that such walls are impervious to water damage, but they are far more resistant to water.This begs the question – if my home has poured concrete walls, are gutters still a good investment?

Do I still need gutters with poured concrete walls and foundations?

The answer is yes – gutters are still a great investment for homes with poured concrete walls and foundations! While they are less susceptible to water damage, it is still possible. It is always wise to redirect water away from your home’s foundations.

Beyond that, gutters have other benefits for the ground immediately adjacent to your home. Your roof essentially gathers a large amount of rainwater and concentrates it along the edges, essentially creating a waterfall. If you’ve seen a waterfall in nature, you know that over time, it can be a powerful eroding force. For you, this can affect your landscaping, patios, driveways, and more. Gutters help to prevent such waterfalls, helping to protect the ground (and whatever is on it) immediately around your home.

In addition, gutters help before water even reaches the ground! Those waterfalls close to your house can also have damaging effects on your trim and siding. The water can cause discolored siding, peeling paint, and more.

No matter what type of construction your home utilizes, gutters help to protect your home from water damage to your foundation and basement. Gutters also help prevent damage to other aspects of your home and yard. Let us help you protect your home. Call or email us today for a free gutter estimate!