Anyone who builds a new home knows there will be countless decision to make. Colors, fixtures, and finishes are only a few of the details that will make your home unique and truly yours.

Choosing and installing gutters might not be as exciting as picking a kitchen countertop or the wall color for the master suite, but gutters are much more important in protecting the quality and lifespan of your new home.

Why you need to install gutters

Homes without gutters can have basement flooding problems

Gutters capture and direct the flow of rainwater away from your home. Without them, water flows off the roof and pools around the exterior. Over time, this can cause damage to your siding and foundation. Water is also more likely to seep into the basement and cause additional damage.

Prevent erosion

The building code for new homes requires that there is a slight grading around foundations to guide runoff away from foundations. Without gutters and downspouts to direct water a safe distance away from the home, water will cause erosion and wash away soil each time it rains. Over time, the carefully sloped landscaping will wear down and allow runoff to flow towards your home instead of away from it. In the most severe cases, too much water can cause the foundation to settle and result in uneven floors and cracks in the walls.

Prevent basement flooding

Basement flooding, a problem often associated with older homes, can become a problem in new builds if the soil around the foundation is frequently saturated. When soil becomes inundated with water, it becomes very heavy. As water runs off a roof, it gathers around the home and puts incredible pressure on the foundation. Over time, this can cause the basement walls to develop tiny cracks as the soil and water push inwards.

Even small cracks can allow water to flow into homes and flood basements. Many homeowners aren’t concerned about small amounts of moisture in the basement but even tiny amounts can lead promote mold growth.

Protect siding

Rainwater may be clean, but your roof isn’t. As water travels across the shingles, it picks up leaves, dirt and tiny particles of asphalt shingles. The water then flows across the siding, causing unsightly staining and discoloration. Over time, homes will look dreary and unkempt and curb appeal could be negatively impacted.

If water is frequently flowing over the sides of your house, it will also begin to degrade the siding. Eventually, holes will form and allow pests into the home. If enough water seeps through the siding, it could affect the home’s structural integrity and become an expensive repair.

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