Yes, you should.

Of course we’re going to say that. We’re a gutter company.

In all honesty, putting gutters on your new home is a great idea. We’re not just saying that because we want your business. We say that because gutters do a lot to protect your new home, so it’s important to get this right from the beginning. If you’re in the process of building a house, now is the time to start thinking about gutters!

Gutters may seem like an insignificant thing. It’s not keeping anything dry, right? Rain will still fall near the house. While that’s true, gutters are about the rain that falls on your roof. When it rains, your roof is essentially a giant funnel that collects all the water and dumps it one place. That place is the edge of your roof and near the foundation of your home. Think of Niagara Falls and how powerful it is. A home without gutters is like a miniature Niagara Falls (but you won’t make money off tourists).

We know there are a lot of expenses that go with building a new home, and gutters may seem like an expense that you can address later. We strongly encourage you to consider gutters right away for a variety of reasons.

Gutters protect your siding/trim

It may seem odd that gutters could help protect trim and siding given that they still get wet in a rainstorm. What more do gutters do? Again, consider that the roof is funneling all the water to one place and the effect that can have on your trim and siding. Below is an example from a home that hasn’t had gutters. Note how this is where two rooflines merge, creating a lot of runoff in a concentrated area.

Not only is the paint peeling here, but the wood trim is likely damaged as well. This is not what you want your new home to look like in a few years. It’s not an expense you want later.

Gutters protect your ground

If the roof funnels water into a waterfall that pounds onto the ground, you can damage the ground around your home. This means you could be washing away elements of your landscape that you just spent a lot of money on. It also means abuse on even the most durable surfaces. In the picture below, rain has pounded down on this concrete near the house and produced damage that gutters could have prevented.

Gutters help you protect the investments you’ve made on and around your home.

Gutters protect your foundation

Those are just some of the visible benefits of gutters. There are less obvious benefits as well. Water is always looking for the sneakiest, quickest way down. When you have a lot of water in one place very near your home, water may seep down towards your foundations, which is certainly not ideal. Gutters redirect water so that the water that gathers on your roof does not gather near your foundation.

Building a new home brings a lot of expenses. It can be hard to prioritize. We get that. Consider gutters as more of an investment than an expense as it helps to protect your other expenses surrounding your home. If you want more information or an estimate, please call or email us today!