If you get water in the basement every time it rains, it might be time to consider installing gutters on your home. 


When basements flood

Many times when people get water in their basement, they think of treating the basement with some type of waterproofing system. While these products can be effective, they can often be expensive and don’t deal with the heart of the problem. 

Water is more likely to flood basements when it can’t flow away from the home. 

If water is making its way into your home, the first thing you should check is the state of your gutters. If you don’t have gutters, you may want to consider having some installed.

Installing Gutters

As water flows down your roof, it is captured by the gutter system and directed away from the house. Without gutters, water is more likely to flow along the wall of your home or fall directly alongside the foundation. From there, it is likely that it will eventually seep into the basement. 

Correctly sized gutters that are kept clear of debris and downspouts direct water the correct distance away from the home. They will help ensure that the water is flowing away from the basement.  

Leaf Guards

If you have multiple or large trees near your home, you may also want to consider installing leaf guards. Leaf guards prevent leaves and other debris from being carried by the water into your gutters. Gutters that are full of leaves can’t function properly and have the potential to leak.

Good to Go Gutters

If you don’t have gutters and your basement frequently floods, give Good to Go Gutters a call. We can give you a quote for gutter installation and offer a quick turn around time.