Gutter Guards

Depending on the amount of tree coverage surrounding your home, it may be beneficial to install leaf guards to protect your gutters from debris.  There are a number of different kinds of leaf guards: screens, inserts and reverse curves. Each style of leaf guard has its own benefits, but most homeowners who choose to add guards are interested in lower maintenance and peace of mind. Adding leaf guards means you don’t have to worry about getting up on a ladder in the spring and fall to remove that unwanted debris. Left unchecked, gutter debris can lead to clogs, gutter damage and even water problems for your siding and foundation. 

We can install almost any kind of gutter guard system, but there are a couple systems that really stand out in terms of performance. The Xtream gutter guard and E-Z gutter guard systems are designed to meet the needs of complex environments. Both systems feature thousands of holes that allow rain water to pass through while also maximizing air flow that helps remove debris.  

The E-Z gutter guard system is made of solid perforated aluminum and comes in three color options: white, mill finish and black.  We take extra care when installing these systems to ensure the roof shingles are not disturbed. We like this system because it can endure the maximum amount of debris while also managing heavy water flow.