The Right Gutter Seams for Your House

Using the right gutter seams is one of the best ways to protect your foundation, siding and home from rain and water damage. They properly direct water off the roof and away from areas where it could cause damage. 

gutter seams

When you are considering what type of gutters you are going to install on your home, one important factor is the type of seam that is used to join the sections of gutter. Gutters with the least amount of seams are the least likely to develop leaks over time. If properly cared for, they should have a longer lifespan and require the least maintenance. 

Types of gutter seams

There are three types of gutter seams and each impacts the effectiveness of the gutters.

Box Miter

A bot miter seam is a preformed corner that has 3 seams per corner. They are inexpensive and don’t require any skilled labor to install. Unfortunately, they are prone to leaks and tend to accumulate debris more quickly than other types of seams. 

Strip Miter

A strip miter seam is a corner seam sealed with a thinner strip of aluminum material. This creates two seams per corner held together by a separate thinner strip of aluminum material. Strip miter seams are also less expensive to produce. Strip miters are often the best options for homes.

Custom Hand Mitered Gutter Seams

Skilled gutter installers often create custom hand mitered seams. These seams have only one seam per corner, creating a tighter, stronger fit that has a longer lifespan than the other two options. However, custom seams are the most expensive option and are rarely worth the extra expense.

Good to Go Gutters

Good to Go Gutters is committed to top quality work that will last. We only installs gutters with custom hand mitered seams. Each of our installers knows how to create custom-fit gutters with one seam per corner. Before we leave any job, we make sure the gutters we install work and will keep working for years.