One of the main reasons to get gutters is to protect your home from potential water damage. Your roof essentially acts as a funnel that diverts all water to the edge of your home. That excess of water coming down in one place can be damaging to your siding, trim, foundation, landscaping, and more. Gutters take that water and strategically redirect it away from your home to prevent that kind of damage.

As such, we sometimes hear the question above – does having gutters affect my insurance premium? One may guess that having such a protective measure in place on your home could reduce the premium. Conversely, some have guessed that not having gutters in place could increase the premium.

In our experience and to our knowledge, whether or not you have gutters on your home does not impact your homeowner’s insurance. (I think we all wish some gutters could reduce home insurance costs!) Still, we think that you should consider gutters a valuable investment in your home.

Gutters may not save you money on home insurance, but it can save money in other ways down the road. Our seamless gutters help prevent landscaping from washing out. They redirect water from damaging your foundation, which can entail extremely costly repairs. Likewise, gutters can prevent damage to your siding and trim, thus preventing another expense.

All in all, gutters do not change the cost of your home insurance, but they are a form of insurance in themselves.


Insured installers

While we’re talking about insurance, there is something that we would like to add here. Whether you choose us to install gutters or go with another installer, you should always ask and ensure that the installer is an insured business.


We always strive for safety for our employees whether they are on the ground or up on a ladder. Safety is one of our utmost priorities. Still, the world is a crazy place and accidents do happen. (If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is ever guaranteed.) If an uninsured installer working on your home is injured, that can end up affecting your home insurance costs.

At Good to Go Gutters, we want to make sure that such costs never end up on your plate. That’s why we are an insured installer. If an accident does happen and someone is injured on the job, those costs stay between us and our insurers. That’s not your responsibility – it’s ours.

When we give potential customers an estimate of gutter costs, we also provide a copy of our insurance policy right off the bat. This lets you know what is our responsibility and what is not. We know we may not be the only ones looking to install your gutters. Others may be in the mix. If they don’t tell you up front like we do, be sure to ask. You don’t want that hidden cost hitting your wallet.

We strive to give you every confidence that we are the right company to put gutters on your home.When you choose an insured gutter installer like us, you have the confidence of knowing what you’re paying for and what you’re not.